Revisiting Sampha’s Process

Process. It is too early to call it a classic? I don’t know, but I will dare to. The first track, Plastic 100C, ushered me into what would be one of my favourite albums. Having a slight phobia to hype, I had allowed the album to sit in my library for a while, same with […]

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TAMA GUCCI, a soft baptism

The internet is the future. It has sparked up radical political movements such as #BlackLivesMatter, become the go-to space to call out cis-het men in the act of their toxic behaviour, and produced for us an archive of Wendy Williams crying memes. These revolutionary acts of the digital space also include being able to discover […]

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A Letter To Queer Body

Dear Queer Body, You have been through a lot in the last million years. Much of your experience has been erased, if it were ever documented in the first place. That is okay, breathe, it is okay because we, your sisters, are here now. You are here now. That means in a hundred years, what […]

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