11Qz: Nokwanda Themba

I asked artist, Nokwanda Themba, 11Qz and she answered them. 1.Thank you for doing this Nokwanda, how are you doing?  Hi Negasi I’m doing so well thank you. 2.Where are you writing this from? I’m home right now, listening to Corinne in the living room and enjoying a salad under some sunlight. 3.You’re Zambian/South African, […]

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Beyoncé once sat in her dressing room, reviewing a performance video of her set and annoyingly said the now iconic line: “I’m a black girl. You can’t put blue lights on black girls.” Years later, on a stage at Eurockéennes de Belfort 2018, a deep voice reaches to the cheering crowd (and the listener) carrying […]


TLC 4 The Gurls

Something special happened this weekend. If you know me, you will know that I am someone who values life, my energy and how those two things interact with each other. I’m also a very fragile human being. Even though I can stand on my own two feet and actually give off this sense of strength […]

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11Qz: Khensani Mohlatlole

I asked creative, Khensani Mohlatlole 11Qz – and she answered them. Thank you so much for doing this, how has your day been so far? All I have to say is getting this bread is exhausting.  2. Do people call you BaddieK in the streets, and if so, does it make you feel like a […]

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Memories As Archival Figures

My grandmother turned 77 yesterday, an age that seems way too distant for my two decade – and some change – mind to comprehend. Imagine being within yourself for so many years. Imagine the amount of times she’s had to pick herself up, attend to herself. Also be a mother, a wife, a grandmother, a […]

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What is your first thought when you hear the word, love? Strangely enough, my mind will go straight to hip hop. Particularly, an interlude on Lauryn Hill’s timeless classic, The Miseducation Of Lauryn Hill, where a group of school children spell out the word as their teacher writes it out on the chalkboard. It wasn’t […]


Nina Simone Plays The Piano

When I am 14 years old, I took up the piano. I had auditioned to get into the music department of my creative arts school – for the audition itself, I played a song on the traditional African drum and sang a melody about love. When I started my year, I had to choose a […]

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Elixir // a poem

Grandmother, tell me the truth – it sits on your lips like a promise. Tell me what you hide in your palms, I know it is there. Waiting. Waiting. For ears, for someone who will hear it and know. Reveal to me your elixir of youth, that which makes your skin smooth and your bones […]

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