For those who are not in tune with the truth of how life is structured, for those who have allowed life to take them on the ride or for those only waking up to this understanding: reality is subjective, and you are the architect of yours.

Reality, for me living in South Africa, will be completely different to a reader living in a town in Zurich. But that is just on a societal level, which is simply part of what reality is.

The rest of it, is purely dependent on you. Reality is made up of two parts: your thoughts + your actions.

Here’s how, by tapping into these two elements you can begin to redefine your life.


I’m sure you have heard the saying, “what a man thinks, he becomes”, this is one of the most truest statements that ever was.

A lot happens in our world that ask for room in our mental space. Family, friends, work, school, politics, money, exstiential bullshit, and the list goes on and on.

We are flooded with a lot of thoughts, these are truly important.

How you think depends how you live. If you are a negative person, constantly think about how low you feel, then that will be your life. You will live in a cycle of negativity.

Same, when you’re a positive person constantly seeing the green side to everything in your day to day, then you will live in a sphere of positivity.

Our thoughts determine how happy we become. If you just spend less hours in the day, thinking of all the things you haven’t done or don’t have and start to spend more time thinking of the things you have done that have brought you joy, the change in spirit will start to show itself.

Positive thoughts have stronger frequencies, a happier body is a stronger body.


There is nothing I dislike (above from colonialism, bad poetry and rum raisin ice cream) more then a straight talker you can’t back it up. And there are lot of them out there in the world, people who you say they will but never do. If you are one of them, get your shit together. No seriously, I say this in the warmest way, you are only letting yourself down by making plans and not pursuing them.

And before you tell me about how this person or situation is actually you back, spare me, because you know you are the only one holding you back.

Lack of action is the most disheartening thing because at the end of the day, when the chickens have been counted, no amount of planning and conceptualizing matters if no action was taken. No one has ever done anything without some sort of effect.

What you do, is essentially the biggest part of “reality” as we know it. It is fundamentally the primary factor to moving forward in life.

You have to do, in order to become.

If you are not taking action, done reality will remain the same, which is such a painful way to live.

In order to grow, you have to think the right thoughts and take the correct actions. If you can master these two simple acts, you will be on your way to being the king/kween of your reality.

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