Youth has its perks. Like being able to stumble out of the club at 2AM, so drunk your friends have to carry and hurl you in the Uber that will take you home (don’t be fazed, we’ve all been there). But truly, the greatest perk of being young is – time.

If you were to talk to people in their 70s, their only regret is that they didn’t do certain things when they had the time, how they overprioritized one element of their lives inevitably over-looking another element, which they wish they hadn’t.

We, the youth, especially my generation, who grew up in a digital era where the framework of the world shifted from what it used to be: people became more transparent, the world became smaller and the access to product and free speech platforms has become decentralised; this has reprogramed how we view youthful energy and purpose.

There is a ton of aspirational young tastemakers and influencers crafting and contributing to culture, these are the people who are on the pulse of what is and what is to be. They are useful when we (unfairly) compare our effort, or lack thereof, to this other digital avatar that seems to be doing so much. This piece is about time, so let us take a step away from influence for a little and talk of this endless thing and can’t be stopped nor paused.

Time, as we know it, is this pre-determined system we live under purely because of the turning of planets in the solar system beckons it. Broken down into three parts, Past – Present – Future, with us simultaneously living in between the three stages. Understanding this division can be critical because it can begin to help you see where most of your precious time is flowing into.

Investing energy in the Past, can also be called ‘dwelling’ way before it can be classified as ‘regret’. People do this a lot, especially upon putting the pieces of their puzzled timeline together. Wishing that you could have done this instead or made a particular decision that would have saved you immense trauma. I refer to it as ‘dwelling’ because when you’re young, whatever that hasn’t been achieved, can well still be achieved because of the time you have. Regret is being in a position where this action or lack of action is irreversible whether because you’ve become too old or the window of absolute opportunity has since passed.

Living in the future, can be referred to as ‘planning’, ‘manifesting’ or ‘envisioning’. Very powerful acts of the mind, which can affect real life events and circumstances if the energy is channelled properly at a specific objective that corelates with the action taken. There are real forces at work when it comes to the universe we live in, remain with this anecdote – the universe is always here to serve you, it is made of nature which as we know creates and grows, and in the same breath destroys in order to cleanse and make room for the new.

The timeframe we’re at now, writing it and currently living it, is the present. This part of our timeline is where it can get interesting, it is the frame most affected by your past and does affect the total outcome of your future.

Simply said, what you do today will affect how you approach tomorrow. This is the frame everyone must focus on. Be Present. They say this a lot, those who know. Being present is a practice that should be our daily exercise. There is clarity in being present because you can get to see things for what they really are and less of the ideas you’ve been sold.

Presence also gives you the opportunity to utilize space and community in interesting and impactful ways. You are able to keep attentive of where you are and who is around you, giving you a chance to infiltrate avenues that draw you in.
The present can be a dark place.

Where you feel like you haven’t reached the milestone moments you have wanted to reach. Be still, this is normal for us. Truly, the world of technological advancement where things are happening in the now has made us require speed even in life, and smartphone technology maturing enough to give us speedy processing times. This is set to enhance based on studies currently being done by various companies on 5G technology.

Combating the darkness of feeling stuck can only be achieved, as far as my understanding, from a place of doing. Even if you are not a master just yet, doing the thing you want to, psychologically, brings about those feelings of accomplishment. A highly addiction chemical reaction in your brain, that if you’re feeling for the first time, is beyond disbelief and encouraging.

Balancing the time we spend in these three stages drastically affects our lives.

Spend less time on the past, what has happened has happened – you already know this.

Spend more energy on the future, linking your manifestations with real world actions to achieve the big dreams you have.

Spend all your energy and time in the present, invested in self-beneficial activities that will help you feel fulfilled.

Written By Negasi

Image By Viviane Sassen

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