We all have dreams, goals and ambitions that we want to achieve.

In the pursuit to talk less and do more, I am focusing my energy in my writing and content production, both online and offline.

Not forgetting to continuously be working on myself, because I can only achieve more if I become more centered as a person.

Thus, I am training my mind to become obsessed, and when I say it I mean, OBSESSED.

I want to be obsessed with doing the things I love and that which heals me. I believe everyone should do the same, what is incredible about life is we have the power to feel more fulfilled by doing that which moves us.

I truly believe, obsession will make me more productive, which is exciting for me cause when I write it is as if I am doing something so natural to me.

How am doing this?

Setting a schedule (which can be hard to follow) but is simply more of a framework for me to structure my day, to ensure that I at least write two pieces of work for this platform and create content for my day job.

I also have made it a thing, whenever I’m feeling insecure or insignificant, I send an email or a write an article. Anything that will remind me that my effort will result in my success.

Key: Be Obsessed With What You Do.

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