TAMA GUCCI, a soft baptism

The internet is the future.

It has sparked up radical political movements such as #BlackLivesMatter, become the go-to space to call out cis-het men in the act of their toxic behaviour, and produced for us an archive of Wendy Williams crying memes.

These revolutionary acts of the digital space also include being able to discover great musicians such as, TAMA GUCCI.

I first encountered him on my Instagram Explore, drawn in by his aesthetically driven profile [IG: @tamahoochie] , I gave him a follow, completely oblivious to the blessing I had given myself.

This 21 year old, Miami, FL based R&B future legend has one of the most easiest sounds, the only way I could articulate it is that his music feels like what a carefree Saturday with really good weed would feel like.

His SoundCloud is an amalgamation of different vibratory elements and stories, all carried smoothly by his soothing singing voice.

Out Of Order, his highly impressive debut body of work, is what could be called a soft baptism.

You feel like you are being taken into the ocean, with a gentle hand. Don’t get me wrong, there is plenty of cuntiness, the highest of all frequencies, in his music.

It is something that can not be done justice from simple description in writing but instead deserves to be experienced.

Written By: Negasi

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