This One Evolutionary Flaw Is Hurting You


So here’s the bad news.

Society, Consumerism and the infamous “System” is structured around YOU becoming the spectator. It is centred around ‘how well can you consume.’

And we, as a people, consume a lot. We consume what we are told, what we say, hear, experience, the vibrations and thoughts, actions of others, media, advertising, institutional educations and the opinions of people that have a connection with us, cause of course we are all connected.

That’s how the world and its economies will thrive, if we consume, watch, buy, buy, watch and then buy some more. Capitalism wants that, the establishments and global governments encourage this consumption.

Honestly, the man-made machine that has been popularly dubbed “the system” will flourish under all this consumption, but what about the singular human being?

The human being will get broken in the process; psychologically, emotionally and spiritually. The human being was not made to be another number feeding into, and consuming the bullshit of the machine. The idealistic blueprint for humanity is that we would all, as individuals, contribute our skills to the sustainability and happiness of our communities and the rest of the world. Of course, the current human experience is not at all like that, so the question becomes – what do I do?

Once you ask yourself that question, in order for you to ensure that the answer is revealed you must first do the most fundamental thing and that is to – surrender.

You have to surrender to your truth, your journey, your passion and the honesty you must promise to deploy on the path to unearthing your purpose.

You are not in control of the economy, the actions of your problematic friends or the words/feeling of your family, you are not in control of others’ emotions or whether they will welcome you or not. Understand that. You are not in control of the sun rising today, but instead surrender to these truths, take a deep breath and find comfort in two things.

One: There are so many things you are not in control of, but you are in control of yourself, the thoughts and ideas you have and the actions you take to follow through.

Two: The sun will rise today like it always has, giving you a fresh start to refocus your life and reality.

Fear is the true blockage of progress.

Some think its money, education or status. When you ask people why they haven’t started you will hear all the excuses in the book:

“I don’t have enough money to…”
“I’m not educated enough to…”
“I’m too young to…”
“I’m way too old to…”
“I’m black.
I’m gay.
I’m poor.
I’m a woman.
I’m too late.”

People seem to be so quick to write themselves off. To claim defeat and in a world populated with successful people, we feel as if we are incapable of living in that type of beauty and life.

The universally known truth is that we are too afraid to DO. Simply put, fear has found a way to rule our lives. Fear has put us in a position where we talk ourselves out of our dreams before we even get started.

The beauty of this is understanding that it is not your fault you are afraid, even though it is you perpetuating it since we are the masters of our actions. It is a developed evolutionary flaw.

As human beings, evolution has placed an absolutely fun-de-men-tal role in the framework of life as we know it today. Fear was formulated by the brain, not to hold you back, but to keep you alive.

When you have a great idea of an action to take, either to enrich your life and reality or to solve a particular problem – we often get taken on a ride psychologically.

What was, initially, a phenomenal idea becomes a problem-attractor.
“Its too expensive. Its high maintenance. Its too complex.”
Problems begin to show themselves, all of which are rooted in fear.

This fear attempts to pull you away from the ‘thing’ you are doing that is out of your realm of comfort.

*your cunty aunty’s side note: if you are comfortable, you playing sis.

Our brains introduce fear into the mix in order to keep us alive. If we stay in our realm of comfort we are less likely to do something that would kill us or bring about the feeling of ‘the end’. Example: going to meet someone new, or being afraid to introduce yourself in fear that you will freeze or be ignored and it will be “over”.

It is the same thing holding us back from doing the things we want to be doing. According to the brain, you are better off doing things the way you’ve always done them than try something new. Only because the brain does not know what this action will result in. We do things the same because we’ll get the same reaction and we can counter that reaction like we’ve always done. The brain relishes in pattern, which is not necessarily a bad thing, but not a particularly healthy way to live life every single day.

So the only thing left to do is let go of fear. It won’t be simple. Things worth doing never are but if you are to stop being a spectator and become more of a do-er, you will begin to lead a life that is highly more fulfilling.

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