A Letter To Queer Body

Dear Queer Body,

You have been through a lot in the last million years. Much of your experience has been erased, if it were ever documented in the first place. That is okay, breathe, it is okay because we, your sisters, are here now. You are here now. That means in a hundred years, what we fight for today will be known and learnt, but we will get back to the future, a little bit later.
For now, I want to ask you again to breathe. You have travelled a long way to get to this place where for the first time it feels as if you can finally sit down and figure out your next move. You have been running Queer Body, for so long your feet bleed and stain the soil red. Yes, do you not know? That is where red soil comes from. When you look up its origins you will see it says: red soil manifests in a warm climate (is that not you), it is derived from crystalline rock – a piece of Earth bounded with minerals that, under years of pressure, comes out of the ground draped in diamonds, a sign of hard work (tell me, is this not you).
But this message, like the others you have been receiving in the various forms the sisters before me have tried to send, is important. The music. The dance. The performance. The language. The mannerism. The touch. These are all messages.
You are not safe Queer Body. Let this be something you know now before walking into the night veiled in darkness.
They/Them. The ones who flood the world and bring pain and hurt, they fail to understand so instead they shoot, they spit, and in spite of all the truths you have laid out about who you are (a warm climate) they choose to not learn and instead, ‘hum-hush-lull-lip-smack’ formulated innuendos of *who they say you are.
*these are not your truths.
They are still killing you, raping you, trying to correct the very essence of what your Mother, God, made in the House we all know to be home. Made from all the sweet things of the world, with cinnamon and thyme along with patience and time, you were made. But you are not delicate, you are raging war – fire between thighs – bullets shoot from your tongue when you speak shit into revolution.
They have erased your past. We know very little about the sisters and brothers of before. Before now, before segregation, before English, before Dutch, before the ships, before the gunpowder, before the migration. Your past was lost. They will continue to erase us. They/Them. Unless you listen here, now, Queer Body. There are things you need to master.

Educate yourself.

Education comes in many forms, not just in institutions (though this sometimes is important too, emphasise on sometimes), but learn the secrets of life.
Learn to make something with your hands, to speak in front of a crowd, to write a story about you, learn to tell others about your story and ensure that they listen.

Educate yourself in the art of the self. Know who you are, what you like and what you don’t.

Dunk yourself in self-love. Learn how to say no, when it is not for you. Learn to ask for help, you will be surprised to find out how many will be willing to. Learn to rise in the morning and claim your body, in all its complexities.
Understand empathy and compassion. Let them guide the words you say to others.
Knowledge is not power, know this, it is only potential power. So next, once you have begun learning (know that you will always be learning) you will have to follow the next guidance wholeheartedly: do.

Do, Queer Body.
Many live out their lives dancing with ideas, plans, dreams and fantasies. They never actually get up and do. It is easier to live in your head, where things go your way and life is exactly what you want it to be. But when you look around, you are nowhere near the place where your dreams take physical form. So work, please. For you. Every day, get closer to that place of stillness and peace through work and action.
And when you fail, which you will, fail beautifully. Fail with a new lesson stuffed in your pocket. Know that it is not the end, even if it may look like it is. Even if it may seem like there is no going forward from where you may be today. Rise. Please. For you.

This may be the most fundamental guidance to master. Build Queer Body. Build relationships with others like you, we are stronger together. Build that chosen family, give them love, support, help with zero judgement or prejudice. Know these people, trust that they will catch you when you fall. But be careful, many may say they are here when in reality; they can’t wait for your downfall. So be wise. Choose this family with grace and intuition. Believe me when I say, your soul will always know. Listen to it. It is the purest form of You and Your Mother. Listen to it. If you do all these things, which I trust you will, I can give you a quick glimpse at your future. Come around, come closer, let me whisper it to you.

The year is 2118. It has been a 100 years since you received this message and acted upon it. The Earth is without war. Borders between countries were erased so long ago that only the elderly remember a world like that. There is music. Technology has connected the world so much that we can go anywhere in a fraction of minutes. There is fruit. It is abundant. The air is clean. Money is no longer a thing, everything we buy and sell goes through the blockchain. We take only what we need, and give all that we have left. Poverty is an abstract concept studied in history class. Languages are shared. Lovers aplenty. The ocean is calm and wild, depending on the season. You are there. You are everywhere actually. Queer Body passes Queer Body on the street and hands over an all-knowing smile. The guidance from this message and other messages are taught to You when you are young. There is no hate. Hatred is the highest crime. There is so much music. People live in harmony, doing what they love and living life in honesty, justice and peace. There is colour. Africa is the centre of the world, the heartbeat, if you will. Many, like in ancient times, come here to find themselves and their purpose. “Purpose” is a subject in all schools, more important than maths and science. Children learn what they are good at and are tested in their own unique ways, as it has been seen that testing people, with varied yet limitless skills and talents, the same never was logical to begin with. You are there. Everywhere. Draped in diamonds. Flooded with music. Feeling warm.

This world is real only because you decided a hundred years ago, to learn – do – believe – build – love and breathe.


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