Vol. 1 Feb/March

Manifesto Nombolo One

Saw’bona is a Zulu word, universally used as a form of greeting. When loosely translated it means: ‘i see you.’ It is a form of respect, of recognition and a step closer to ubuNtu.

With that said: i see you and i hope you see yourself.

As the wave of uncertainty flood first and third worlds, the artist is (still) faced with the dilemma of ‘what life is about’ and why, sometimes, a piece of work enters their mind and refuses to leave. It rages in their thoughts and consumes them. This is how they know they have been called.

As the sky falls, the artist is buckling up to create and document the world as they see it.

The artist is obsessed with the work, and knows where true serenity lies. in the process.

‘Make art, and make it well. It will be the only thing that outlives you.’ The artist recalls being told once, as they unlearn in order to gain their knowledge.

‘Sawbona’ you would respond, a return act of recognition and respect for the power and knowledge carried.

Nombolo. a ZINE is a cultural investigation of the arts, society and spirituality through the gaze of the dynamic globally influenced African millennial.